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Premium athletes can use Strava Beacon to share their real-time location with their family and friends. To learn how to use this new feature, you can read our documentation for iOS and Android

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new release. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us below. 



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    Beacon for Garmin has just been released. This means, that if you own a compatible Garmin device, you can share your real-time location with family and friends. 

    To use Beacon with a Garmin device, you will need to have:

    - Strava mobile app
    - Strava Premium subscription
    - Garmin Connect mobile app 
    - Strava Beacon compatible Garmin device 

    You can learn how to set up Beacon for your Garmin device for iOS and Android

    Continue to leave your feedback for Beacon here, but if you are having technical difficulty, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket. 

  • My wife doesn’t have a smart phone so the texted link requires her to re-type it in her browser. Is there a way to use an email address rather than a cell phone number as a contact? Will that work?

  • Please add the ability to share Beacon info from Apple Watch. I use my Apple Watch to start/stop all my runs. Please consider adding this function to the Watch app. Thanks! Keep up the great work.

  • I don't see the Beacon icon when I go to the record activity page?

  • @Alan Solot: If you have an Android app, a work around would be to turn Beacon ON, but not select a contact. Then when you click the button to send a Beacon message, the app drawer will pop up and you can share the link in other ways. If you are on an iPhone, then you would need to have a contact selected, but when you go to send a text message, just copy the beacon link and do not send the text. You can then paste that link in an email to your wife.


    @Joey Widener: Thanks for the feedback on the Apple Watch. We have heard that suggestion a few times now so that feedback has been passed to our Product Team that worked on the feature. 


    @Big Gravy: Beacon is live for all members. Please make sure your app is on the latest version, v4.22

  • Can you give some information about battery use with this feature? I currently use Garmin's Livetrack feature (with Garmin Edge), which doesn't drain my battery much. How does this new feature preserve battery life? If it is just as good as Garmin's, I'll switch over.

  • @Lenny Lesser: Battery usage should be pretty good. In our testing it did not use much more battery than regular recording with the Strava app. We tried to optimize how ofter Beacon updated your location for lower battery usage. Currently, location updating is about every 15 seconds. I'd suggest giving Beacon a go! If you do have abnormal battery drain, submit a support ticket so we can look into it further.

  • @Matt. Thanks for the info. I don't track with Strava on my phone because I have a Garmin and found that there is no need and that it runs battery down. So if this takes as much battery as tracking, I'll probably just use the Garmin system. But I'll give it a try.

  • Will having my iphone on record conflict with my Garmin data when I sync the Garmin at the en of my ride?

  • Can anyone believe that "BEACON" must be one of those incredible, amazing, stupendous, out of this world, features that Strava says they've been working on, the incredible feature that prevented them from making it possible to upload photos from a PC, that made it impossible for them to have enough time to make creating group challenges, and all those other things that regular and Premium members have been dying to get? I think this just shows how absurd Strava is when it comes to credibility. Do we really believe that "SAFETY" is the biggest priority users clamor for? I don't know anyone that has asked for that since almost all of us have some type of safety net already either through cell phone, Garmin, or a number of other apps and equipment. Ah, the fairy tales continue! 

  • How is Beacon different from Live Track?  I use Live Track regularly, so I have familiarity with it.  

  • hi guys just trying out beacon for the first time, i run a garmin 520 with strava live segments and i also use garmin live tracking (when it works) . When i use Beacon does that mean i have to start strava on my iPhone as well to activate beacon? thank you for your anticipated help

  • Beacon is great and my wife said she will rest easier knowing that she can find me this way if I am running late from a ride. So, this feature actually prompted me to upgrade to premium.


    Rather than requiring a text message with the current users unique location ID to a few contacts, can a 'beacon' link be added to a user's 'Overview' page that can be accessed by 'approved' contacts or 'followers'?  A single 'beacon link' would simplify communications with loved ones and offer them a single location to which they could always visit to find the athlete.

    Many riders are using a workaround to employ Strava that involves employing an older iphone to connect all of the required cadence, speed sensors, etc. and then connect that iphone (not on a cellular network) to a droid phone that is acting as a hotspot. Thus, the iphone cannot send a text message, but is being employed as the Strava recording device over wifi. 


    Thanks for your consideration,


  • For me data is included in my subscription, but text (SMS) cost $0.30!. So I would like to select contact by email and then use hangout or email for free (I used android). Other solution could be to not be forced to send the Beacon link at each activity (twice a day), but to have a permanent link.

    But congratulation for this feature, I hope it will work also for me soon, I'm back to premium just because of it.

  • How is this different or better than sharing my location via Find My Friends on my iPhone?

    If this can be compatible with a device other than my smartphone, I would be much more impressed and inclined to upgrade to Premium.

  • @John M., lots of folks have been asking for something like Beacon since 2013. so there is a demand.  I hope it works well.  Oh and I think I have uploaded pics from my PC, but group challenges and date range filtering and other features are important as well

  • I guess that was deleting pics, my bad


  • This feature is useless for any more or less serious runner who records runs using a dedicated GPS watch. I have more than 1000 activities on Strava, zero of them were recorded with the app.

  • I would like to see the beacon feature being able to be turned on from the Apple Watch, Garmin watch or Tom Tom. Many users of Strava use their watch now to start and finish their activities. 

  • So I've tried for two straight days to use the new Beacon feature. I press send text which is preprogrammed for my wife and nothing fills in, in the message and no url link is included, we are both using Android phones. Mine is a Droid Razor Max, her's is a Samsung Galaxy 5

  • I am a premium Strava user (iPhone) and would like to use Beacon.  I don't have the Beacon icon on my Strava app and there's not an app update in the App Store.  Maybe I need a visit from Mr. Obvious, but I can't find anything in the app or web site that show me how to get this feature operating.  Frustrating!!!!!!!

  • It would be really nice, that if in addition to using Contacts and a permanent link, if we could designate another strava user that we are "friends" with as a permanent safety contact, that lets them see our activities any time they log into strava, so we don't have to send a link every time.

  • A valid concept to include in the app I suppose, but I'd never use it.  I use a Garmin, not the Strava app, and if I was to use some sort of phone-based tracker I'd use something else.

  • The Beacon feature is definitely a step in the right direction, particularly in light of recent attacks on female runners in broad daylight. However, until the Beacon can notify the emergency contact of a stoppage, it is not really going to be a solid safety feature. I know absolutely nothing about programming or app design, and I apologize for seeming critical of something that may be difficult or impossible to implement; however, if it is workable, it seems like it should be added to the feature. Perhaps the user can set a time frame for an alert message (five minute increments, or similar...)

    Thanks for all you do--

  • Love Beacon.  Just started using it.  I send my wife a Beacon and she can easily see where I am and watch the dot move around.  Very cool.  Great job!

    One thing though, perhaps checking your verbiage on the info that Beacon sends out could be changed ever so slightly.  Today my wife got a message that was something like this:

    update hadn't been received from this athlete probably do to being out of range or the battery may have "died"

    Operative word was "died".  It kind of jumped off the screen at her.  When viewed on a small iphone 6 screen, it may be a little misleading.  :)

    Thanks for the vine!


  • I would like to see this option for friends to track you within the Strava app rather than as a stand alone web browser and be able to see multiple friends.

    Say I want to join my friends for a ride part way in. I get to the meeting point but need to know if I am ahead of them, or behind... 

    This feature would also be valuable on large group rides where there is thousands of riders (Brisbane to gold coast 100km ride). If you lose someone finding them in a crowd is impossible.  If you could see a blip for your nominated friends on your phone you could instantly see where they are.

    Yes I could use 'find my friends' but not everyone uses an iPhone.. 

    I notice Garmin have just introduced 'group track' as a feature on the 820. As many of my friends either have a 520 or use the strava app on their phone, that feature isnt practical.  


  • I'd like to email notifications rather than text.

    Also, my girlfriend uses a Windows Phone. She gets the text with link, but the Beacon webpage is blank. I don't expect Strava to make a Windows Phone app due to the small market but they should ensure the Beacon site works on all browsers.

  • I realize this is unsual, but:

    my wife doesn't sport as much so she don't need Strava Premium. Currently she is only walking with the stroller :). She would like me to track here time to time when she is alone in the forests.

    I am Premium Member. Is there any way so that I (as premium member) would be able to see her (without premium membership) without using my account on her phone? I don't want to install some other app for that....

  • Awesome!!!! Sorry I'm so long winded on this one. Keep up the good work.

  • @Richard B: Yes Beacon only works while recording with your Strava mobile app, but we are working on the integration for Garmin. You would need to have turned on Beacon, send the text, and have the app recording for your location to be shared. 

    @ Scott P: Thanks for the feedback on the unique link in a text. This setup allows each link to share location data for only the period of recording, rather than showing continuous location (whether you are recording or not). This setup also gives you a choice to share your location for every activity, as there may be some instances you may not want to. This also serves as a reminder that you are sharing your location with selected people. This is the first iteration of Beacon, so there may be changes in the future.

    @Alba A: Since you are on Android, if you do not select a contact and try and send a Beacon text, the app drawer will open and you can chose what app you want to share the link to. This will allow you to send the link via email or another app.

    @Spencer O: Since Beacon allows you to send a link to any person (regardless of device or Strava use) you can share to people that are on Android or a computer. This would not be the case with Find My Friends. Beacon also utilizes the Strava app to give more metrics on your activity, rather than just your location. From my testing, Beacon updates location more frequently, and with more accuracy, than Find My Friends.

    @Terry M: Please submit a support request so we can look further into the issue you are experiencing. 

    @Steve D: If you are on version 4.22 of the app, then you will see the Beacon icon on the record screen. Check your app version, and if you are on v4.22, try restarting your phone. If the issue persists, please submit a support request so we can investigate further.

    @Sarah C: The recipient view of Beacon does state your current recording state: Recording, Auto-Paused, Stopped, Not Recording, Saved, Discarded (Activity), Not Started (Recording), Disabled (Beacon). Beacon also states your battery %.

    @Jimmy H: Thanks for the feedback on the language, I'll pass that forward.

    @Giant R: We realize there is a potential for many other uses, like social/events. This is on our radar.

    @Chris H: The link should work with any browser. It does not need to be on an iPhone/Android. Did she try refreshing the page? If so, and the issue persisted, please send a support request so we can look into it further.

    @Jirka C: At this time Beacon will only work for being sent by Premium Strava users. For her scenario, a different app may be of more use.


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