Add a "Kids In Tow" setting/tag

I love Strava and have been on it for a few years, and for solo training it's been great, but as a parent I'm often towing my kids behind my bike or pushing them in a double jogging stroller.  My 5 mile runs feel a hell of a lot harder, esp. going up San Francisco's hills when there's a 30lb stroller + 75lbs. of kids I'm pushing...same goes for towing my kids around the City.

Any chance you could add a Kid Handicap tag or settings to adjust for the added resistance...especially the Suffer Score?  Thanks! :)



  • I've been looking for something similar to add weight to hikes/walks.  Moving with 30lbs on my back is a much better workout, and other than HRM data, there's no way to log that!  

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  • For bike rides with a kid trailer I use an extra bike in my gear setup. That's the same bike as normal, but with a heigher weight. The additional weight of course only counts on elevations, but the extra wind resistance is not taken into account.

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  • I use one bike to commute, tow/carry my kid(s), chase crowns on vacation, and cyclocross. Each variation of that bike has wildly different weight, and making multiple different bikes makes it difficult to track usage & wear on components.

    In Garmin Connect I can add multiple pieces of equipment to a ride, though that service does not estimate power or give me a suffer score.

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