Make live segments 'directionally' aware

Live Segments are great, there's simply no disputing that. I love them, I use them multiple times during every ride I make.

But too often I find that I'm traveling one direction on the same road at a relatively high velocity when a Live Segment alert occurs and the UI shifts from bike computer read out to Live Segment status.

Barring a very high speed u-turn that would result in a crash, it's simply physically impossible to start the Live Segment suggested by strava when traveling in the opposite direction.

Can we please augment strava to gauge my velocity and relative direction before notifying me that I'm 'approaching' the start of a segment?



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  • IMHO this is a pretty big bug in the segment feature where a loop is seen as the same segment for riders going in either direction on the loop

    the climb vs drop angles are completely different when the direction is reversed

    why can't Strava differentiate between segment direction in 2016/2017 ?

    I mean segments is the biggest feature, maybe the only feature keeping strava alive, why does this bug exist after all these years?


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