Official Races

Allow organisers to 'own' an official race segment or even better, a dedicated race page with past certified results, records, pictures and news.

This applies for all activities. 



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  • I was thinking about this the other day. I think there is so much potential for races! Not only would it be nice after the race, but I think it could be incredible useful for race prep.

    I was actually trying to find the race I was doing the night before, and had a hard time finding the "segment".

    My coach actually makes a race breakdown and topography of the race by mile/kilometre, but this is all based on his previous knowledge. Imagine how powerful it would be to have all of Strava's past course data to help you prep for a race. Not only can you see where hills are, but you could see where people on average people slowed down, sped up and potentially show you people in your target time and how they raced it etc.

    I manually went into some of the top people in the segment and reviewed their time/mile, but I think highlighting averages etc could be useful.

    I'm sure they are working towards monetizing some of these events so it will be interesting to see how races get built out. 


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