Kudos for Segment creators!

Hi- I am a great fan of creating segments. Why not have some Kudos when people create great segments. 

You can add it to the feed- X person created segment called X - Click here to give Kudos

Also when you create a segment you should be able to select if you want to visible as the creator of the segment so people can comment and add kudos to segments.





  • Route creation is a valuable user action, so it would make sense to encourage people to create great content for the platform.

    I do wonder though - is the Kudos system the right system for routes? In general kudos are great validation for the content creator, and a nice thank you, but what also could be nice is getting some type of ranking of the route and some sense of if this is a worthwhile route to explore.

    Some things in addition to Kudos that could be interesting:

    • Once a person completes a defined route they have the ability to comment and rank it on a few scales (level, scenic, overall etc) and strava can gather interesting data points, average time it takes, recommended time of day etc. 
    • Allow people to contribute other crowdsourced data - ex water fountains, bathroom etc.

    Classpass does something similar to this, and I find the user data quite helpful when picking a class, I wonder if this could translate well to routes.

    Anyways! Cheers and great idea.

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  • Definitely need a system to credit good segments... and note those segments that suck. IE- the ones that stop just past the stop signs.

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  • Segment plus/minus vote would be good so that the better overlapping segment gets shown and bad segments get shoved away. Also a comment section for each segment so people can discuss why it is bad etc.

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