Choose which friends go in your feed

I would like to be able to follow friends but not have all their info in my feed. I am a runner and have friends who are cyclists (yes cyclists to talk to runners sometimes).

I don't want to be rude, but I am only really interested in seeing when they run, or perhaps some runners post too many junk activities and I want to switch them off from my feed, but still follow them and go and view their runs periodically. 



  • Exactly, it should also be able to filter the type of activity and distance. Exits less than 30 km or zwift, I would not like to see them

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  • I came here to request custom lists in the feed, this idea could follow on. I want to see some people more than others, and some people I really want to see. I follow too many people now so the people I care about are sometimes lost.


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  • Filtering could be interesting and seems to be requested frequently. Filtering by location could be interesting to.

    I wonder how you do it well though, especially on mobile. I think there are so many potential filter criteria it might have to be an entire new screen to select options. 

    Filtering would also encourage people to expand their network. I like having a small number of people, because the feed gets pretty overwhelming with more people. 

    If you had to pick one or two filter requirements what would they be?


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  • Yes, Strava is becoming clogged with people using it similarly to Facebook (that's why Facebook is struggling in certain markets).

    Strava users are diverse, some are extremely athletic and do not care much for the occasional post about someone walking their dog for a third of a mile, while others don't care about someone doing a 30mph average bike ride.

    If you want to keep your customers, you need to allow people a filter function, or at least an "ignore" function.  The function needs to be attached to each person (ie Person X, filter by activity, filter by speed/pace, filter by distance).

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  • I would like at least the ability to directly influence who comes on my feed. I should be able to set some people as favourites and always see their activities. Currently the feed is basically un usable. If I am follwoing 60 people and the screen can only show 2 at a time, how am I possibly going to see everyone even if they showed up chronologically, I am not going to scroll through 30 pages of rides. 

    Imagine if gmail only showed two emails on the page, how would you ever scroll through to the ones that matter?

    Another option would be to have a concise view, which just showed on line per person. At least they you could fit 20-30 activities on one page.

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