Add Accessories to Bikes

I will explain with detail the following suggestion:

Just like it is possible to add components to a bike in the setting, it is limited to those components. I think it would be great if it was possible to have another section where you could add custom accessories or even other components not listed.

With accessories I mean all kinds, like racks, bar tapes, lights, bells, bike computers, mudguards, panniers, bottle cage and even the tools that you take with you.

Besides this, I would change the system on how this components and accessories would work. By default, the components/accessories would be installed for every ride, but you could edit that ride in the settings and toggle on/off the components/accessories if used or not. For example:

I may have 2 sets of wheels for the same bike, and I may switch between the 2 occasionally.

Another example would be, when I use certain accessories on the bike for only some rides. I have touring panniers, but I don't always use them, only when touring, so toggling them on/off in the settings would be great.

To add to all this, you could make these bike components/accessories public or private so other Strava users could see your gear setup, dynaminzing the knowledge and even share what gear you think it's best for certain activities.

And for Strava's interest, gathering this kind of information could be priceless.


Let's bring this feature up!!



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