iPhone X request - black background for recording screen

With the OLED screen on the iPhone X, I have found that using a black background in apps reduces battery usage by a significant amount. I work on a widely used app for pilots (ForeFlight) so I have the technical knowledge to verify this and have now tested this out significantly.

One test app I created, that uses a background and text that match Strava, used 85% of my battery power over a 3 hour ride. By simply switching the background color to black and the text color to white, the same test app used only 25% of my battery power over a 3.5 hour ride. This app uses GPS with no distance filter for location updates and prevented the screen from turning off. The app had the sole purpose of showing a rolling average of my speed over the previous 5 location updates and nothing else.

I have repeated this test several times now so I don't think there is anything else going on that can account for the significant difference in power draw.

Please add a setting to enable a black background with high contrast text.





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