Scroll wheel to zoom in

It is very annoying that the scroll wheel cannot be used to zoom in/out on the map for exploring segments.



  • Same for activity page ; scroll wheel zoom works in fullscreen mode only. does a better job here, as scroll wheel zoom works in every situation.

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  • I second this and make an addition. Would be a pretty cool addition to have a map of a city and then to be able to zoom in with a scroll, finger pinch or whatever you are using to zoom. Say I want to know what the best place to run a mile is in Golden Gate Park. I hit a StravaMap thing and then zoom in to MLK Blvd. to see that there is a segment that is a mile and then I go and run that. 

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  • I also find the zoom in/out function using the mouse in a desktop web browser pretty necessary. The best example, how it should work is Google Maps ( You can find there more zoom in/out options:

      1.) special click on buttons (+ and -)
      2.) mouse wheel
      3.) left/right mouse double click (left = zoom in, right = zoom out)

    Strava actually provides us with the stupid/obsolete click on buttons and the left mouse double click only. Right mouse double click opens default web browser action dialog (copy, paste, back, refresh, etc.). Mouse wheel over the map has no effect on map but acts as an usual web page scrolling.

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