Shoes from same manufacturer and type but different year are not distinguishable


I have 1 pair of e.g. Brooks Hyperion from the year 2016 and 1 pair Brooks Hyperion form 2017.

It's not possible to select the shoes for an activity, because you can only see the manufacturer and type but no additional information. :(

Help please



  • Can't you just add some notation to one of the fields like the model name so it would let you know which one it was?  How about name on the "Brooks Hyperion 17" and one the "Brooks Hyperion 16".  Heck, I have a pair of shoes I couldn't remember the model name of in my list so it shows up as the "Solomon Can't Recall" shoes...

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  • I buy multiple pairs of shoes online so end up with 2 or even 3 pairs of the exact same shoe, I label them I, II, III etc.

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