Recording stopped midway, restored days later.

I have an Asus Zenfone 3 with Android 8 (Oreo).

I was recording my P2A40 ride and about 30kms in, Strava just stopped recording without an error or anything. The app was still running but had reset to the home screen with the + sign in the bottom right corner to start recording a new activity.

After the race I tried to see if anything was saved, even tried looking through my phone files for any files I could restore or at least extract data from. No luck.

Today I tried recording a new activity and all of a sudden got a pop up stating something along the lines of Strava encountered a problem and restored my recording! I was able to stop the recording (which was now at 75 hours lol) and save it. Surprisingly Strava actually recorded the entire run but I have a straight line from the race finish point to my current location, and of course the time and stats are incorrect because of that last segment.

I would love to know if I can edit this recording to delete the section after the finish and get my actual time and distance details.

It's also worth it to note that my phone was restarted this morning. I'm still surprised Strava was still recording.

Anyone with any info on how I can correct my recording, your advice/comments will be greatly appreciated.



  • You've probably sorted this or forgotten about this a long time ago! But if you login to Strava on a PC/laptop you can crop your ride. This will allow you to remove the last incorrect part of the ride using a simple slide bar tool..

    Good luck..

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  • Thank you!

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