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Hi! I've been using Runtastic for some time and I've now switched to Strava. On of the few complaints I have to make is about the Apple Watch app. While Runtastic the Watch and the Phone app run in sync, so when you start a session on one, it shows on the other, in Strava the Watch app is completely stand alone and just uploads the session when you're done; so it basically works like a Garmin Forerunner or so, but since you HAVE the phone with you, it would be much better to have it working as Runtastic does.


I hope you can fix this!



  • They removed this feature about 2 years ago when they released an updated version of the apple watch app. That was the day I canceled my subscription, as many others at the time did. To this day they have still not brought the feature back, I do miss Strava's social features but without the sync, it was unusable for me. There are so many of their premium features like beacon, audio cues while listening to music on my phone and more that don't work without it, I don't really understand the logic behind their development schedule. 

    Runkeeper does sync between the phone and watch, I am have been using Runkeepr for the last 2 years since switching from Strava.

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  • I came from Runkeeper as I like some of Strava's analytics. But it is annoying that I cannot start a workout on my phone and see it on my watch. I hope they go back to when your could do it

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  • Hallo,

    Sie haben in der Community Ende 2017 geantwortet, dass die Integration von „Schwimmen” mit der Apple Watch Anfang 2018 passieren wird. Nun haben wir schon August 2018, wissen Sie ab wann das tatsächlich möglich sein wird?

    Strava: „In early 2018, we will be working on a new integration between Strava and Apple Health. It is possible that we will be able to sync swim activities recorded with the native Apple Watch app to Strava. Stay tuned.”

    Bitte um Info,

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