Copying 'bike' segments across to 'E-Bike" activity type

Feature request on segments for E-Bikes.
As you well know, there's a burgeoning e-bike community out there...i've just purchased my 1st e-MTB and having had (and still have) a normal MTB, it would be really beneficial to us if we could have a copy function to copy segments across from 'bike' activity type to 'e-bike’ in Strava. We're running the same routes and would be good to have our own class.


This will stop some e-bikers from saving their rides under the wrong type and hence upsetting the regular bikers out there. Plus we can have our own class and challenges in the e-bike category using the same existing segments.
It would allow everyone to see what the direct comparison between ebike and normal bikes is on the same segments which would make for good chat between all types of mountain bikers. It can only be positive for harmony in the sport.. I imagine that some people will have started making ebike segments already however they will no doubt be different to the normal ones making them kind of meaningless. If we have the copy function they could be colour coded so that you can see the segments where there is a corresponding normal bike segment.
Vote, if you think this is a good idea!


  • I posted almost exactly the same thing a few weeks before you but for some reason my post was not actually ever posted.  I agree entirely.  Making segments available to the Ebike category would surely stop some of the frustrations caused by loading rides up in the "wrong" ride type.

    Come on Strava please.

  • Yes please, I have exactly the same issue/


  • Great idea ! If we do not classify our rides as ebike rides then we take flack from the rest of the cycling universe ! All we need is those segments copied across please Strava !

  • Strava… This is really a no brainer.... I am happy to set new segments where there aren't any but come on we are all bike riders, there should be no them and us... I ride both E Bike and Normal bikes, why can't you do a simple task. then it will help people form not registering the wrong ride type to see their times

    Other than this you do an Ok job :)

  • Deffo needed.

  • Yes please!!  I've just moved to a new area and would love to know where all the segments are, so I can post an E-Bike effort!!

  • See the exact same idea with 17 votes:


    So it's 40 votes in total already.

  • Yes Strava please do this for ebikers

  • Yes please. It's not easy to make a new e-bike segment exactly the same as a normal bike segment.

  • Please can someone @ strava get this done. Changed from Bike to E-bike cat and now there are no segments. wtf

  • Yes Strava please do this for analog bikers.

  • Or just strava simply duplicate all existing segments for e bikes... should not be that hard

  • Unfortunately Strava are not listening!

    Maybe all e-bike riders should amend there type to from e-bike ride to ride to create mayhem on the leader board, let complaints come in so that Strava may actually do something to fix this issue.

    The system administrator of Strava should be able to copy ALL 'ride' segments to 'e-bike ride' segments. (e-bikes are riding on the same tracks and shouldn't have to recreate every segment manually!)

    Come on Strava!

  • Hi Everyone, 

    I appreciate your concern and comments. I'll pass along your feedback. If this request is planned, I'll be sure to update you all! 


  • appreciate the update Jess, as you can see there's a huge eBike following out there and everybody I speak to talks about this


    Plus we dont want to mess with our 'analog' cousins leaderboards! :) 

  • I edited my e bike rides to ride, then get to see the segments. Normally I edit straight back... But got tired of doing so and thought I would leave as ride so to retain some history..... Huge fuss created.... As would expect. Made my point that Strava need to provide a copy segment option or simply copy all over... The solution in the mean time is to leave as ride, but change your settings to be followers only. This means you keep the history and don't go on the leader boards. Though means can't publicly compare to other ebike riders... Though nothing to compare as no segments.
    Hope this helps.

  • Jess: Any updates? E-bike use and feature request for this is only going to grow going forward.

  • Hey Heine, 

    Still no updates, sorry! 

  • It’s almost impossible to produce an identical segment for the same trail yet that’s exactly what e bikers want.
    Very soon e bikers will create new but different segments for same trail and we will never have the ability to compare times.
    It needs sorted fast before e bikers set new segments preventing comparison for ever.

  • Strava, this is a much needed feature! The number of e-bike riders is definitely on the rise world-wide, so this must be fixed sooner or later anyway :)

  • Strava  please could you transfer segments to ebike rides. I really want to be able to challenge myself and loved seeing any achievements at 71 years old after a ride. 

  • my Wife has just started riding an ebike due to health issues. She is rather saddened that all the segments and trophy’s she had under her normal riding now can’t be counted and there are no ebike segments. Come on Strava shouldn’t be too difficult to do, after all ebikes are here to stay and glad of them says I. If it wasn’t for an assist my wife wouldn’t be riding with us.

  • Jess, the lack of response on this issue (and also the other related one about not being able to search e-bike segments) is very disappointing. We need some communication from Strava on why, what appears to users who have posted here to be a pretty simple fix, has not been done. Will you please explain what is going on. It seems to me that some possible reasons nothing is being done are:

    1. Strava does not have the resources to do it,
    2. Strava perceives that there is insufficient demand for the fix,
    3. Strava disagrees that the fix being suggested by users needs to be done,
    4. Strava has scheduled the fix but it won't be done until xx xx xxxx,
    5. Sträva considers that the fix suggested by users is actually much more complex and costly than suggested and hence has a low priority.

    Please, please, please let us know what the actual reason is and a timeframe for remedy. We are in an information vacuum and that is extremely frustrating.

  • Although this thread is wanting the ability to copy segments to e-bikes, this functionality could also be untilised for running, walking etc. There should be an option to copy a segment from any type to another type.

  • Come on Strava!! Fix it please!!

  • One thing to consider for those who advocate just copying all existing bike segments for e-bikes is that there are a lot of areas that are legal for regular bikes but e-bikes are illegal. You would automatically be creating a bunch of segments for e-bikes that would actually be illegal to ride. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who seem to think that if there is a segment there, then it must be okay to ride.

    Maybe they could add a feature to allow people to copy specific segments over to e-bike segments, but I don't think automatically copying all bike segments to e-bike segments is a good idea.

  • Alternatively, why can't all the "Bike" segments remain as "Bike", but when you add a bike to your gear why can't one of the options be "E-Bike", then any rides done on a bike designated as an e-bike go onto a separate leaderboard?  Would seem to be an infinitely simpler implementation than having to re-create every segment anew.

  • Amen to this.  Due to an injury i’m Riding an eBike along with my regular mountain bike.  I log the ride as a regular ride to at least see my times in the segments.  Switching later to an eBike ride I lose all the normal segment data and either see zero segments or a few segments that are close but not the same as my regular mountain bike segments.  This should be a no brainer for strava to copy segments over for ebikes.  If an eBiker is relying on the existence of strava segments to determine if the area is eBike legal then they deserve the ticket they might get for not researching first.


  • Having posted and read many of the valid comments regarding e bike use and why we would like to copy segments, I have now come to the conclusion that Strava staff have gone on an extended holiday.
    I have not seen a single response to any of the comments posted.
    I now feel tempted to just log all my times as a regular bike and claim all KOM in the hope that I get reported.
    This action may get Strava off their arse and make some positive changes. That’s if they give a fuck about their work.

  • @lee...that's the best reply yet! LOL

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