Relative effort always "massive", "historic", etc..

I'm finding this new "relative effort" metric pretty useless on a day-to-day basic as it seems to want to apply some meaningless superlative to every single ride that I do. It's basically always "massive", unless I do a longer ride when it is "historic". Suffer Score was much more useful because it did seem to vary a lot more from ride to ride.

It's true that due to time constraints I tend to train in a "time-crunched" fasion, maybe only 6 hours a week (sometimes less) spread out over 3 or 4 sessions, and I pretty much always push hard and then recover well. But the metric is always telling me that what is "normal" for me is "massive"... Psychologically this is not useful..

Is there a way to better calibrate it? Should I reset my HRmax to something higher than it actually is to try to persuade the metric that I'm not going as hard? Or is the metric trying to tell me that my HRmax IS higher?

How is power factored in to relative effort?



  • I have the same issue.  Normal rides are now categorized as "massive", "historic".  Any feedback from Strava folks?

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  • Massive observation; "Me too", in a cycling sense of that phrase.



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