Strava Club Challenges

Hi, When will Strava let club admins create club challenges? 

An example would be to select 5 segments and then all club members who have accepted the challenge can compete against them over a month, very simple!

Today we manually go into the segment, sort by date "this month" then Club and then update a spreadsheet. had this perfectly implemented but then strava performed an upgrade and it's now it's not possible...





  • Gostaria de ver este recurso implantado com desafios personalizados dentro do clube.

    Com isso, será possível fazer divulgar o clube e fazer premiações aos membros do clube.

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  • I'd like to know this too, would be helpful for club admins to create a challenge not an event.

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  • has there been an answer to this?

    would really like to know!!!!!

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  • Esta faltando esta opção para o strava ser melhor ainda! Gostaria muito de poder criar um desafio no club para poder incentivar e premiar os corredores. Deixo o meu apelo.

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