Galaxy Watch and Strava

OK; so I'm initially a little disappointed. I've been following Samsung's Galaxy watch for some time, their next generation watch following on from the Gear 3.

I've been trying to find a Smart Watch for quite a while that has all the necessary sensors and features I'd like.

Yes the Apple Watch / WatchOS does that, but it doesn't look like a watch. Google's WearOS watches look great, but don't have all the sensors and I didn't want to plump for a pure activity tracker like a Garmin.

So.... I was super excited to see on the Galaxy Watch website that it looked like Strava was natively supported. 

I buy the watch today and low and behold I can't find the Strava app' in the Galaxy Watch App store. Was I duped. Is there no native support on Galaxy Watch?!

Personally I think Samsung are a little stupid for insisting on running Tizen instead of Google's WearOS (which natively runs Strava), but I was seriously hoping this watch had native support. Finally. On Tizen. 

Is this not so? Is the app' just delayed, or the Galaxy Watch App store delayed in deploying it? 

What gives? 

I would support all comments to support Tizen natively to be honest; you are potentially missing out on a large group of users running Samsung watches. 





  • Oh my god! I bought the watch and will be receiving it in a two days time

    Bought the watch the moment i saw Strava apps supported by Galaxy Watch and now you are telling me it is not native, samsung you lying b*stards!

    Will emailed samsung directly if this situation is not remedied the soonest possible

  • So after many vocal tweets about my annoyance at no Strava support on #Tizen, either natively (app) or through Samsung Health (#SHealth) using a connected service @StravaSupport did reply.


    "Samsung plans to incorporate Strava for their new watch and we'll work with them to see how we can support the Strava app."


    I'm waiting for further comment on timings, but is this a hint that Strava could, finally, be coming to Tizen? Hopefully we don't see it all pinned on Samsung who'll just plug in a connected service. I know it's more dev time, but a Tizen app' for Strava would be fantastic. People have been crying for this since the earlier Gear models. 

  • so I'm waiting until friday (UK release day) for the Galaxy watch specifically as its advertising it with Strava and Speedo ON etc.

    very dissapointed to hear that it's planned to have it and feel duped that they are advertising it with it when they know it's not ready yet.

    Might cancel and buy a garmin instead

  • Update. I returned the Galaxy Watch. With no word on Strava (or Apple Heath Kit) support either natively or via. connected services/sync' the watch was definitely not as advertised, with "glowing" app' support. In fact the only useful app was Spotify.

    Switched out for a Garmin Fenix 5

    The Garmin is a sweet unit but I miss the richness of the organic LED display. Garmin is daylight sensitive and to use in low light you need to turn on the backlight which really washes the screen out.

    That said. Great Strava and Apple Health support via. Garmin Connect. Great looking unit.

    O! Samsung. I really wish you had Strava support. I've spent a week with the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch and Garmin Fenix 5 and on balance the Galaxy Watch is the best looking/functional but without Strava support or Apple Health Kit it's pretty much useless for me. I don't want to be forced to use Samsung Health (SHealth). It wouldn't be so bad if it sync'd with non-Samsung/Tizen Activity Trackers, but no such luck.

    Really disappointing start to the Galaxy Watch.

  • This seems odd. I was at IFA in Berlin today playing with the Galaxy Watch and native Strava app was on all the test devices and fully usable.

  • Strava support messaged me to say they are working on the app currently and based on Dom's message above I assume it's very much in its final testing phase?


    Would love to know how @Dom? Since it's no where to be seen in Galaxy Watch apps, and even Strava on Twitter said that "Samsung plans to incorporate..." (future tense). 

    Possibly Europe Vs. USA? (I'm in the US) but unlikely given Strava's Tweet. 


  • @Tony not much more I can give you i'm afraid, except that it was 100% natively on the test version at IFA. Given it was on the home screen, they clearly wanted it to be seen and whilst I couldn't obviously take it out on a ride/run to see if it was actually tracking OK, all the options were working perfectly, so whilst it may still be in final testing phase, I suspect it's pretty close to being put out in the wild. People I know in the UK who pre-ordered are not due delivery until 8th Sept, so I suppose it's still possible they release the app at same time as the watch. 

  • Just got a DM from @StravaSupport in response to Strava support on Tizen/Samsung Galaxy Watch - "We don't have a specified date right now, sorry!" 

    I think it's fair to say this is some ways off. @Dom. I think you were seeing a dummy app' just to sell the watch? 

  • In the UK here and just unboxed my Samsung Watch and realised the lack of a Strava app.

    This is so disappointing and will likely result in me returning the device and sticking to Apple Watch instead.

    Samsung have mislead the public and YOU Strava have endorsed their misleading people in allowing them the use of your name and logo etc.

  • Oh, wow, I was *just* thinking I might bite the bullet and pick up the Galaxy Watch. My Moto 360 2nd gen is getting a bit long in the tooth. It's a bit of a stretch for me to consider something that isn't Wear OS, but with the right support, I'm down to try it. No Strava app is a nonstarter for me, though.

  • Ok so I was disappointed it wasn't on there but it's not the end of the world. The watch is fantastic and all I had to do was go into Samsung health and add Strava into connected apps. Works perfectly every time uploading to Strava with all the correct data and segments. If I want to see real time data I'll use my phone on the quadlock mount but for the commute and running just the watch is brilliant . So far running and riding. Will try swimming soon as well.

  • Wow, this is pretty blatant false advertising on Samsung's part. Everyone should report them to the agency responsible for regulating advertising where they live, especially if they bought the watch on the basis the watch had Strava support.

    In the US: Go to

    In the UK:

  • @Ben Dickinson. I wouldn't have been so upset either if it was a Connected Service in Samsung Health on iOS but iOS users don't have that option 😕

  • Yeah, I guess for me the issue is that I'm doing heart rate training, and I want to be able to look at my watch to see my HR at any moment. I definitely don't want to run for an hour with a phone in my hand. I mean, you're right that it's not the end of the world, of course, but it did stop me from buying their watch. At this point, I'll wait to see what Fossil announces for the new chip, actually.


  • @Ben Dickinson - Any ideas on how to get activity from SHealth onto Strava? I have tried and tried but cannot seem to get it working? The apps are linked and ive even tried google OS app to try and piece the gap but still no joy??

  • Annoyingly, they removed even connected services a few months back. Think we need to take to Twitter and social media regarding this false advertising by Samsung!

  • Endomundo is Native

    Go to

    Sync with all sport apss you like.


  • That's definitely a solve Dennis; but it's just annoying to have to use -- yet another -- app' to sync' data. 

    SHealth/Galaxy Watch >>>> Endomundo/RunKeeper etc...  >>>> Strava. 

    There shouldn't be a need for middle-ware. At the end of the day all these devices and platforms are having a field day mining all of your personal health data (to what end I'm not sure, but at some point I see this data being used by doctors!), I'd rather limit that data to one-less app'. and deal directly with Samsung(device) and Fitness App'. 


  • I also bought the new Galaxy Watch and it is just great, had Apple Watch and Garmin Fenix and will not go back, battery is just amazing. For now it synks to Strava but me as well thought an app would be there, even saved the webpage of the add showing the Strava app icon! I hope Strava and Samsung work quick or they will have a lot of complaigns and law suits for false marketing!

  • @Gary Wilson. It's in settings connected services in the Samsung health app

  • It's a bit odd this. I was just reading a new review of the Galaxy Watch on out yesterday...see below sentence: 


    "But luckily you can get around that and track your runs with a third-party app instead, we’d recommend Strava, which worked fairly well and collected all kinds of running-specific data."


    It seems even the review units have Strava loaded. 


  • @Ben Dickinson - syncing by app can be done with a lot of devices, maybe "mi Amazfit Stratos" or "pace" half the price and cheaper. I bought the Galaxy Watch for using a native app as advertised... 

  • @Holger. I think a lot of people (on this platform) are buying this watch for native Strava, as advertised (but it's definitely not there in the US). It's odd how @Dom is seeing all these GalaxyWatch units with Strava on it (maybe it's just the review watches?). I've not met anyone here yet whose confirmed Strava is native on the new GalaxyWatch; even Strava themselves have remarked in DM's that they have no time-line on delivering a native app'.

    Maybe that's just US though and Dom is Europe? There's also zero connected service support on iOS devices; but there appears to be some connected service support on Droid.

    It's definitely a mess for sure; and definitely no native support in the US for now.

  • Same URL, nothing about strava... "advertisel review"?

    "It’s another feature that iPhone users won’t be able to take advantage of as it works through the Samsung Health app. But luckily you can get around that and track your runs with a third-party app instead.

    Like a lot of activity trackers, the watch vibrates when you’re too sedentary and prompts you to do Torso Twists, whatever they are."

  • @TonyCollins

    I'm in Europe and Strava isn't native here as well. 


  • This is what I was looking for in deciding to buy the Galaxy watch. I really wish they would just switch to WearOS, and be the leaders in that space. I think they have the best hardware and could really move the WearOS market forward, but currently it seems like they're just cutting off their nose to spite their face by sticking with Tizen and it's dismal app support.

  • Here's something on one of the Strava blogs -

    Strava works on Gear S3 as per this blog. So maybe Galaxy Watch should also.

  • @Avinash Both the Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch work on Droid via. Connected Services in Samsung Health (SHealth), but this is not an option for iPhone users in iOS.

    The biggest issue is the website leads you to believe that Strava is a native application on Tizen/Galaxy Watch which it is not, and doesn't look like being for sometime. I 100% agree with an earlier comment; Samsung need to ditch Tizen in favour of WearOS.

  • So pissed about this, have ordered already, & thought I'd be able to bloody ditch my iPhone6 (which I use for my run training & rowing only), as there'd be a decent native app! Native Spotify app for the watch, but no bloody top-notch training app, gah! Grrr.

    Never thought I'd say it, but bloody ditch Tizen Samsung! If you can't get everyone else to use your ecosystem/OS/platform & get things firing on all cylinders, then what's the point! Use Google's, sure they'e not doing much better at this point, but it'll more readily/quickly fire-up once you enter the ring!

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