Galaxy Watch and Strava

OK; so I'm initially a little disappointed. I've been following Samsung's Galaxy watch for some time, their next generation watch following on from the Gear 3.

I've been trying to find a Smart Watch for quite a while that has all the necessary sensors and features I'd like.

Yes the Apple Watch / WatchOS does that, but it doesn't look like a watch. Google's WearOS watches look great, but don't have all the sensors and I didn't want to plump for a pure activity tracker like a Garmin.

So.... I was super excited to see on the Galaxy Watch website that it looked like Strava was natively supported. 

I buy the watch today and low and behold I can't find the Strava app' in the Galaxy Watch App store. Was I duped. Is there no native support on Galaxy Watch?!

Personally I think Samsung are a little stupid for insisting on running Tizen instead of Google's WearOS (which natively runs Strava), but I was seriously hoping this watch had native support. Finally. On Tizen. 

Is this not so? Is the app' just delayed, or the Galaxy Watch App store delayed in deploying it? 

What gives? 

I would support all comments to support Tizen natively to be honest; you are potentially missing out on a large group of users running Samsung watches. 





  • The support person I chatted with at Samsung says that there "might be" a compatibility issue with the Strava app and non-Samsung phones. I'm using a Pixel so I can't check but does anyone have a Samsung phone to confirm if this is the case?

  • What on earth are you taking about???^

    This thread's about a native app (or lack thereof) for the watch, not Android phones (Samsung or otherwise).

  •  Ok so I get there are quite a few annoyed that there is no native app for strava on the Galaxy watch but does it not work well via connected app? Does it not upload all the data to strava? I would prefer an app but I don't see it as a deal breaker. Correct me if I am misunderstanding something. 


  • Hello @Jeff Sodeman, not sure I follow what you are asking here but I try to answer as I do have a Samsung phone S8 and I can confirm that from the watch the activities get loaded automatically to Strava, all works. Off course as well known no Tizen app yet...

  • Hi I just received my Galaxy watch here in Ireland. I also saw the advertising with the Strava logo prominent on the promotional material. But there is no app.

    However, others commenting to this post have indicated that you can push the data from the Samsung Health app to Strava. But I have a question: Is this only if you are running the app on an Android phone?  I have an iPhone and the is no opportunity to connect to Strava in settings as mentioned earlier in the comments. 

    My fear is that I have a watch that I cannot use to record runs on all.

    Any comments or help out there, please? :)


  • @Luis Clement Thank you. What Samsung support was trying to suggest is that there is a native Tizen app on the Galaxy watch for Strava but that it isn't available to me because I'm not pairing the watch with a Samsung phone. Since you have a Samsung phone and no native app then that's obviously not the case.

  • Not sure what the retarded downvotes are for, Jeff's prior post was unclear/vague -NOW it's clearer what he was trying to ask.

  • @Maurice - Sadly there is no native Tizen app OR a Connected Services option in Samsung Health to sync’ to Apple HealthKit or Strava if you are running iOS.

    iPhone users have no option to sync’ their data without using a 3rd party app’ like RunKeeper. Like many I was really hoping to de-couple from my phone on runs/rides. In the end I ditched the Galaxy and went with a Garmin Fenix.

    I had the Apple Watch, Galaxy and Garmin for a while and of the three the Galaxy was a great unit it just didn’t have the features I needed. Very disappointed at Samsung for the misleading marketing.

  • @luis Clement I just bought the Samsung watch how do you the watch to upload your work out on strava on your s8, i have an s9plus and can't figure how , little help plesse. Thank you

  • Hi Folks,

    My Polar M430 is soon going to die (battery depleats, display issues, loose contact issues) and i am also in desperate need for a new one (running, swimming, roadbiking, mountain biking, hiking with map support and indoor fitness). The new Polar Vantage Series is not really shining with features and my needs, so they drop out. My first choice was the super expensive fenix 5(+) series, but now - after reading several reviews - i see the Galaxy Watch 46 mm as my favourite - if it supports strava and external sensors.

    Are there any NEWS?

    Thank you in advance!



  • Cynically, I am guessng the year's free <apMyRun membership that comes with the Galaxy Watch is the reason the strava app has been sidelined (and probably in conflict with the team that got Strava connected to S-Health)

  • I didn't even know about the year's free MapMyRun. Talk about a useless feature. May as well offer a free membership to MySpace. It would be nice if they had a native app. Even the native app on WearOS is semi-useless though. The majority of the time, it won't use the GPS on my watch only (Ticwatch E, good choice otherwise), if I leave my phone at home, so it doesn't record at all. Then it also won't use an external sensor for heart rate, and so all the wrist-based sensors suck if you're actually running or being active I end up having to delete the heart rate data because having bad data (like stretches of 240bpm while I'm jogging at a slow pace) is worse than having no data. I end up just using my Edge 520 with the watchband adapter, even though it's huge and looks sort of super geeky. Or I just don't bother recording HR on my runs.

  • @Seven Tyn you need to use Connected Services in Samsung Health (SHealth). Open the app on your phone then click settings. the 3 dots on the top and then settings, and in there you will find Connected Services and click and turn on Strava. All done!

  • @ Luis Clement unfurtunelly that doesn't work for me, tried it many times disconnect and reconnect many time still no use, thanks anyway !!

  • @Luis - There is no connected service option for SHealth on iOS phones. 

    @Mario Vucic - The Galaxy Watch will not run Strava natively; however, if you're running a Droid based fun you can sync' your activity using Samsungs SHealth app'. If you're running iOS then you're out of luck totally if you're committed to using the Strava platform.

    I ran the Apple Watch 3 for a while; then the Galaxy Watch and ultimately ended up going with the Fenix 5. Was a little more than I wanted to pay but now I have it I love it. . 

  • @Seven Tyn, sorry to hear that, quite strange is for me it just works, make sure all updates are done on both phone and watch but I guess you have done that already, good luck.

    @Tony Collings , hello Tony not sure you got the idea I said it would work on iOS, but anyway hope they will bring a Tizen app soon! Would be even better if Samsung was convinced to drop Tizen and move to Google WearOS...


  • Have started using the third-party Geartracker app (£4) which seems to be filling the strava app-hole. I'd still want to play with the settings some more before giving it a proper review, but its a gps etc running tracker that exports logs directly to strava. The developer seems active and keen to make it work well on gear/galaxy watches.

  • @Tony Collings: 


    I use an Android Phone, actually a Samsung S8+. After I mailed Samsung i knew immediately what to do - here is the reply:

    "You can't use external sensors with the Galaxy Watch. You can use strava with your smartphone in the Samsung Health App. Not directly in the Watch."

    So i opted-out and got myself a Garmin Fenix 5 and i am super happy. I know, i paid double, but its really worth it. 


  • ^Samsung Support is wrong. It's not built-in by default but...

    There are some apps/services (e.g. sporty watch) which add the ability to support external sensors, "plus" address some other limitations.

    I haven't yet tested how they all work in practice, but I've noted them for future use/testing, I mainly use my GW as my "do it all" wearable except for H&F.

    For H&F I'm using my Garmin VA3 Music, & for incidental exercise/movement & sleep I'm using my Fitbit Ionic.

  • @Luis Clement just to make sure, im trying to sinc cycling activitys is that ok or maybe is just for running??

  • @mario gratz on the Fenix 5. I'm still really disappointed their is no native Strava support on the watch. Samsung's website was very misleading! On iOS you don't even get the option of "Connected Services"!

    The Fenix 5 is a great training campanion and the battery life is far better than anything I've used!

    The screen brightness due to the transflective display vs (O)LED on the Apple/Galaxy watch took a bit of getting used to but in high sun lighting conditions it definitely looks way better than LED.

  • I've been considering a galaxy watch and this thread is putting me off I won't lie. I have no issue uploading through Shealth but does it share all the data? Do you get segments + map etc or just the time and distance?
    Does it still show your PR's etc?

  • I bought the galaxy watch and after reading all through this I was expecting a nightmare. Yes the GPS data from the default running app are a bit off but when everything is loaded on Strava it does some adjusting and finally all the measurements are ok. All data are loaded including heart rate and segments. I will try map my run on the watch to see if the data is more accurate and I am using an Android app called SyncMyTracks which then uploads all the data from map my run to Strava. Yes I would prefer a local Strava app on the galaxy watch but really without much effort I still have all my runs uploaded to Strava. It's the only smart watch that actually looks so good.

  • @Hils - depends what phone you’re using. If you’re using iOS(phone) there is no connectivity to SHealth. You have to use a 3rd party app’ to sync to Strava. I was so frustrated when I bought the GW3 based on the prominence of the Strava logo in all their marketing material only to find that there was no Strava app for the GW3 AND! no connectivity in SHealth on iOS. Ended up getting a Garmin in the end.

  • Still waiting for Strava support on the watch. Meanwhile I use Strava on my phone (Galaxy S9+) for the beacon feature and the watch for heart rate monitoring, with the data pushed to Strava via SHealth. This way I end up with two activities in Strava.

    Is there a way to use the watch as a sensor for the heart rate?

  • It hear! 16 November 20q8 on Android and Apple.. Basic, but it's there...

  • So over the last couple of weeks I've tracked my runs on the watch, with the location on and then synced with Shealth when I'm back with my phone.
    I've found that in the morning, runs are pretty much immediately synced with Strava. If it's after mid day, it doesn't sync until overnight, I'm not sure what time exactly but it's there when I wake.
    I'm on Android, with a Galaxy S7 phone.
    This isn't ideal because I like to see my achievements straight away, especially when I've run with friends, but it's a solution of sorts.
    It doesn't sync well if I've had the GPS turned off on the watch, and it doesn't sync autodetected walk/run for me.

    Fabio I tried to link it as a standalone heart monitor but nope. Won't link it at all.

  • @Jed Pause

    Can you please clarify what you mean, your post is very vague.


  • Strava is now available on galaxy watch in the store

  • @jared Lane Apple app store and Galaxy App have Strava to download to your watch

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