Galaxy Watch and Strava

OK; so I'm initially a little disappointed. I've been following Samsung's Galaxy watch for some time, their next generation watch following on from the Gear 3.

I've been trying to find a Smart Watch for quite a while that has all the necessary sensors and features I'd like.

Yes the Apple Watch / WatchOS does that, but it doesn't look like a watch. Google's WearOS watches look great, but don't have all the sensors and I didn't want to plump for a pure activity tracker like a Garmin.

So.... I was super excited to see on the Galaxy Watch website that it looked like Strava was natively supported. 

I buy the watch today and low and behold I can't find the Strava app' in the Galaxy Watch App store. Was I duped. Is there no native support on Galaxy Watch?!

Personally I think Samsung are a little stupid for insisting on running Tizen instead of Google's WearOS (which natively runs Strava), but I was seriously hoping this watch had native support. Finally. On Tizen. 

Is this not so? Is the app' just delayed, or the Galaxy Watch App store delayed in deploying it? 

What gives? 

I would support all comments to support Tizen natively to be honest; you are potentially missing out on a large group of users running Samsung watches. 





  • Gear Tracker is not free. I think of it as my last shot. Strava released version 1.0.2 yesterday but i could not try it yet.

  • Hi who manufactures gear tracker I cannot find the app for android. I know I'm been blind

  • I just got 1.0.2 also. Going to try it tomorrow. Otherwise, Gear Tracker has been great, barring an issue with gps locking on initially, which was my fault once and another time I never figured it why it wouldn't get a GPS signal. The $5 is a deal as far as I'm concerned. The one developer is outpacing the Strava team at this point.

  • Stuart, go to Galaxy Apps on your phone and search Gear Tracker. Select 'Watch' tab at the top.

  • I settled with gear tracker. Just under £4 from the app store in the wearable app. I have to run it with the watch GPS, I've tested wandering about the countryside and the times are right too, no prattling about changing the run type to stop it screwing up you PR's and split times. Proper test on the park run tomorrow. Strava just a massive fail. so disappointed

  • Version 1.0.2 worked great on this morning's ride, 60 miles. No issues, it tracked HR everywhere except fast bumpy descents, too shaky to record, to be expected I suppose. 

  • It was working fine for me but with the new update now it doesn't sync, I'm really annoyed, any advices??

  • Only tried it on a walk but it's all working ok HR, distance and pace etc

  • Having trouble with the app on version 1.0.2. It keeps freezing mid ride, the counters just seem to stop. It stopped recording up snowdon about an hour into the climb then again up Ben Lomand last week it stopped about 2 hours in while descending. Sort it out please!

  • Well, it was doing great for a few rides and today stopped recording after 27 miles. I noticed 10 miles later and had to pause/resume. Back to using Gear Tracker until the next release I guess. 

  • done my 1st park run of 2019 watch said 5k in 36 minutes on sync to web/app this has changed to 4.35k and 33 minutes 

  • @Stuart Abel, did you stop any time on this activity? Strava Tizen app lacks auto pause so distance and time are greater on the watch and are fixed after upload by Strava servers.

  • When the app became available for the first time on the Galaxy watch, it was working fine for me although I kept on reeding some people having HR problems and syncing problems and then the update became available, and with the new update it wasn't syncing at all for me so I decided to delete the app and install it again and now is working fine again, I don't know if it was luck or coincidence but it worked for me maybe it can work out for some people as well

  • Yesterday I did a run with Strava on the Galaxy Watch. The history on the watch tells me I did 8.26km in 51min with an average speed of 6.16min/km.

    When I look on the website after the run was synced, the website tells me I did 8.25km in 49.26min with an average speed of 5.59min/km.

    Why is this information different? And when I calculate 8.26km in 51min the average speed is 6.10 and not 6.16min/km. The second calculation is correct. 

    Anybody else noticed these differences? I read the post from Stuart, so I guess these values are wrong with everybody?

  • @Marcel, see Leonardo's post after Stuart's.

    Sounds somewhat plausible to me...

    The sooner auto-pause is integrated into the native app, the better.

    Ridiculous that it isn't already...

  • Marcel mine did this too. I found marking them as a race seemed to level it out a little. It still wasn't accurate but for some reason seemed to make it closer to the actual time/pace I had done. The only workaround I have found is buying the gear tracker app. Other than a couple of issues connecting to GPS it's been awesome.

  • Marcel did you stop during your run apparently this could be the issue. I stopped to tie my shoe lace and it seemed to restart at that point. Other than that set the activity to race you may get even more different results

  • Thanks for all the replies. I did not make any stops during my run. Maybe if the watch is struggling with the GPS fix this can cause the small difference? When I get some more activities in the app it might be easier to analyze. Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Installed Strava on Galaxy watch today. No swimming app!  Just running, walking and riding. Disappointed.

    Strava, please add swimming apps for indoor lap swims and outdoor swims (gps)

  • Another fail. 63 mile ride. GPS did great. Never thought the sync fail would happen to me, but no luck. Maybe the next release will be better and not go backwards.

  • Here's an idea. Allow the Gear app to backup Strava data.

  • Another fail. Uninstalled this time. A half hour into a walk, suddenly the display shows 00.00 for distance and -- for heart rate, yet still Recording at top and the duration timer still going. I thought maybe it was tracking but not displaying correctly, but when stopping after 1hr 20 min, no luck. It was gone completely. I'll try the next version maybe and use Gear Tracker until then. 

  • I'm done with this app! Failure to upload over and over again! Yesterday I finally got a Ride to sync. And then I see it only started recording about 800m into my ride. The two days before that I went on a 6hour ride and a 5hour ride. The app crashes every time I try to upload big rides like that. Those rides has still not synced, and the app keeps crashing when I try to sync manually. I really didn't want to, but I guess I will have to pay money now and get Gear Tracker. I'm done struggling with this app and worrying every time if a activity is going to record correctly or sync. The success rate went from about 70% to 50% to about 30% at this moment that an activity actually records correctly and gets synced. Not good enough guys!

  • Yay, new update on Android today 1 Feb 2019.. auto-pause and extra sports now available, at last!

  • Strava released 1.1.0 yesterday to Tizen OS. Added activity types, auto pause (can be disabled) and other improvements. On my first ride today it was ok, but need long term tests to be sure.

  • Have the Galaxy sport and Strava is running fine on it.

  • That's great to hear. How many runs/rides? how many minutes/miles each? How consistent is HR for the duration of the activities?

  • I saw they brought another update out on Sunday. Now featuring auto pause function. It does seem to get a bit better with every update.. Not completely perfect, but already a lot better than two months ago. Still occasionally crashes..for example Saturday I went for a ride.. started recording, made sure it was tracking, and about 15min in I glanced at my watch and saw the app closed/crashed by itself..this seems to happen quite often. Maybe the update fixed this, will see. Haven't tried to upload a 5+ hour ride in a while, but I used to have issues syncing the longer activities. I'm hoping that is also sorted now. HR is still a mess though..this morning it just didn't track my HR at all?! Even with my watch settings set at "always measuring".

  • Yeah I don't want to use it until it supports dedicated BLE/ANT+ HRM's, Gear Tracker does, same for Sporty Watch.

    Until then, I'll only use it sporadically to see how (if) it has improved...

  • Is the new Galaxy Watch Active supported -- I don't see strava in the app store?

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