Galaxy Watch and Strava

OK; so I'm initially a little disappointed. I've been following Samsung's Galaxy watch for some time, their next generation watch following on from the Gear 3.

I've been trying to find a Smart Watch for quite a while that has all the necessary sensors and features I'd like.

Yes the Apple Watch / WatchOS does that, but it doesn't look like a watch. Google's WearOS watches look great, but don't have all the sensors and I didn't want to plump for a pure activity tracker like a Garmin.

So.... I was super excited to see on the Galaxy Watch website that it looked like Strava was natively supported. 

I buy the watch today and low and behold I can't find the Strava app' in the Galaxy Watch App store. Was I duped. Is there no native support on Galaxy Watch?!

Personally I think Samsung are a little stupid for insisting on running Tizen instead of Google's WearOS (which natively runs Strava), but I was seriously hoping this watch had native support. Finally. On Tizen. 

Is this not so? Is the app' just delayed, or the Galaxy Watch App store delayed in deploying it? 

What gives? 

I would support all comments to support Tizen natively to be honest; you are potentially missing out on a large group of users running Samsung watches. 





  • My watch seems sluggish or uninterested in syncing to Strava i e to the phone. What seems to work for me every time is to browse on the watch strava app to 'history' find the run and click on sync. That does it.

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  • Tony Collings, I don't find the watcs strava app easily in galaxy store. However load and run the Wear app on the phone. That's the main Samsung app that talks to the Samsung Gear watch. From within that context you can find a link to Galaxy store apps which does find Strava, for the watch.

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  • I was happy with the way the app was working for months but the last 3 activities have crashed where the recording stops and there is no record of the activity in the history. I will look at other alternatives.

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