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    Thanks for adding your thoughts, folks. 

    Unfortunately, the Strava complication isn't available for every Watch Face on the Apple Watch. For any available complications, please make sure to update your app to the most recent version.

    We hope to implement the complication for more Watch Faces in the near future. Appreciate your patience! 

  • Agreed - I logged in for the first time to say this!

  • Same here, come on Strava

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  • Me too, I have just got the Apple Watch 4 and was frustrated to find it’s not on their new all singing all dancing watch complication 😔. I hope this is being resolved?

  • Disappointed, but I will wait !!

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  • Sad face! +1

  • +1

  • I had a complication on a standard watch face - Strava icon in the top right ... until either the new watch OS or a strava app update. Now I can't put a complication on a face that had it before. It seems like something is broken! This is on Series 3 watch. VERY BUMMED

  • +3

  • Adds to my decision to stop paying for Strava

  • Absurd that this isn’t fixed yet. Wtf.

  • None of the complications work on any of the faces. Terrible watch support. Strava your days are numbered for my use.

  • Still not working on the Infograph watch face. Does work on some of the other faces though. 

  • +1

  • Very disappointing!

  • which faces actually work? have not been able to find them. regrettably forgot to cancel my subscription before it renewed for a whole year. I don't see enough quality development updates coming out. 

  • Like others I am logging in for the first time to make noise about this issue. I cannot get the Strava app on the complication of my Apple Watch. Can you give us any legitimate feedback on this Strava? Like how many of us need to complain about it before you invest in an an updated version that works with the latest Apple Watch iOS? Is that not what’s going on here? Can you be a bit more transparent with us please? This is 2018, babe. Jess’ comment of Sep. 27 smacks of vapid corporate speak. Will you share a target date with us for when you might get this done?
    Thanks. I guess.

  • The latest version of Strava on iOS is compatible with the new série 4 watch faces.

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that with the recent Strava app update I can now add the Strava complication to my Series 4 watch face. If it's not working for you try updating the app. Thanks Strava devs!

  • I meet same problem as many indicate here and I am unable to upgrade the iPhone (memory problem: too much app to cancel). I didn't have this complication problem before .

  • The Strava complication stopped working on my Series 1 Apple Watch sometime last week. Removed and reloaded Strava app on my phone with no effect except the complication isn’t an option anymore. Thinking about using the Apple app instead.

  • I had strava complication on my Apple Watch series 3, but now it won’t work, reset everything and can’t get the complication back on. Really annoying!!!! Not just an issue with series 4, Strava! Get it sorted as this a backwards step for you!

  • Still not available for me (Infograph face), maybe a staged rollout? Which app version do you guys have?

  • Same problem like Mike Ready. I have an Apple Watch series 1 too.

  • Strava complication on my Series 1 Apple Watch is up and running again. Thanks Strava!

  • Just checked my watch and I too can now get the strava complication back onto my watch face.
    Great work strava to responding and fixing.

  • For those of you who can see the Strava complication what version of watchOS are you running? I updated to 5.1.1 today and now the Strava complication can't be added. 

  • That’s funny because mine started working today. I had to log out of Strava on my phone and log back in.

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