Can we flag athletes who consistently log their cycles as runs? Or surely there is the technology available to auto flag any out of character pacing or inhuman speeds?

There are athletes in my area who constantly upload their cycles as runs. Sometimes I think it's purely accidental and they don't realise they need to change it but surely a prompt if the pacing is unrealistic to them or in general could be created? 



  • Sounds like a good plan.

    Even ride with a bicycle with an average speed above 80km/h should be flagged.

    Riding a segment with a speed of 120km/h isn't realistic but I see them appear at strava...

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  • You can always flag the activity as a wrong activity.  This does get back to the person who made this error.  If they fix it...I don't know.  Strava should at least have some kind of flag saying that such a pace is not possible.

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  • Here’s a good example of Strava’s automatic flagging hard at work:

    This segment is part of a 5k that’s run on an airport runway, but people evidently start Strava while on an actual airplane. Strava happily obliges, granting them a course record for “running” at a casual pace of 33s/mi.

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