Activities added then removed from Strava

Strava, I just don't understand you. You finally included Soccer as an activity (with others I assume) in mid July '18 yet you've since removed it from the drop-down options, now defaulting them to the generic 'Workout'. Furthermore, any previous soccer entries a user decides to add a description or any changes to, results in it being re-classified as 'Ride'. Whats going on? Why was it removed & whats with the 'Ride' glitch?

What does Strava have against ball sports anyway? and why are the more static activities (hand cycle, weight training, yoga etc) given a listing over ones which involve so much more human movement?

I'm not saying any of these others shouldn't be included, but even kite-surf and rock-climbing is favored over basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey too. Please explain to the community why?




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