Detailed infos between two points on the pace graph

It would be great to be able to choose two points on the pace/elavation graph profile by clicking on the graph. Then we could have detailed infos between those two points like average pace speed elevation. 
Not only on each kilo or mile. 

As an exemple, when you do a split run without programming the training on your recording device you don't have the infos on the run and rest parts. Only for each kilo or mile. 

Don't know if I am clear but I hope you'll understand. 



  • +1. This would be very useful.

  •  you can pick a data point on the cycling analysis page, drag to another point and highlight the data in between,  and then get the average speed/power/cadence/distance/elevation etc.  which is super useful if you didn't set that as a specific lap, or it doesn't line up with a segment.   What makes no sense is you CAN'T do that on the run analysis page!!! WHY???  do runners analyze data different than cyclists?  the only explanation i can think of is that strava has a programming team doing run stuff and a different team for cycling.  and they are not talking to each other or sharing good ideas.     in other words  the non-summit analysis on the cycling page is useful ,  while the summit (paid for) analysis on run page is useless....

  • "useless" is harsh,   run analysis is not as useful....

  • Josh, I don't see that functionality you mentioned for any of my runs. And yes, looking at one of my very few rides, it looks like that functionality does exists on the ride analysis page. And it general I like Strava's user interface for rides much better. For example it shows the summary of segments or best efforts for a ride below the map, but it doesn't show that for a run. I don't know why it is so different? Go figure!!!

  • yes,  the "analysis" tab for cycling (on the website, not app)  has the ability to analyze between any two points.  running "analysis"  doesn't let you do this, which is the problem.  luckily other sports, like xc skiing etc,  have an analysis function similar to cycling rather than running. 

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