Option for 'just a random pair of shoes' or a way of not tagging a pair of shoes

When I go on a walk, I might wear any one of many pairs of shoes. It doesn't really always matter which pair. So I don't need or want to tag the walk with shoes. The nearest option I could find in the list was barefoot. Which isn't quite it.


So, either:

• Have an option for 'Other shoe'; or

• Have an option to not tag a shoe for the activity.



  • Strava seems to internally support that. It is just the app that always auto-selects a pair of shoes and doesn't give a choice to select none.

    A workaround is to create a new pair of shoes, use it for that walk or run, and than delete that pair of shoes.

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  • Why don't you just create a shoe called "Just a random pair of shoes" and just use that?

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  • The problem with creating a fake pair of shoes is it's a hack. While it serves its purpose, it's ugly. And as a user, we'd eventually end up with notifications and emails about our 'random pair of fake shoes' needing replacing.

    A simple 'Don't add shoes' option for a workout would do the trick. Presumably the app supports non-shoe activities (swimming).

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