Please count virtual bike ride (Zwift) and threadmill runs toward monthly challenge badge

Sone of us lives in areas where outdoor run/rides aren’t always practical for some months of the year making it difficult to reach the monthly challenge goals without including indoor training as well. I’m fine not counting those activities toward the leaderboard (or split the leaderboard for outdoor versus indoor), but I would like my hard earned monthly badges for run/ride distance and climb goals nonetheless 😊.






  • Yes. It may be OK to exclude manual activities, but it isn't clear why a treadmill run recorded with a watch and imported to Strava as FIT file (with HR, cadence, and other metrics) isn't counted.

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  • Trainer rides and treadmill runs are far too easy to "cheat".  Maybe they could add challenges specifically for those things, but I don't agree with including them with outdoor biking/running.  I live in Alaska and we just make do with whatever the weather is.  We still go out and bike in the rain or snow if we want our rides to count for the challenges. 

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  • I wonder how would you cheat treadmill runs?

    Other than some error of measuring the distance based on a wrist movement vs the actual treadmill distance the effort to cover the distance is still there. If someone wanted to cheat there are many more ways to do that way more easily. There are ways to make the fake GPX data on a computer.


    Just to be clear, I strongly prefer to run outdoors and treadmill doesn't usually account for more than a few percents of my monthly mileage, but it still annoying that that doesn't count. On the other hand I often run on twisty trails where the GPS distance can easily be 5-10% shorter than actual, so I don't get some of that real outdoor distance counted either. 

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  • Hi all

    Been with Stava for a few years now & ride outdoors when I can - but have just started using a Smart trainer and now I can see why they are so popular and why people that use them would like to be able to obtain challenge badges. 

    I've read lots of comments about this & yes it isn't the same as being out on the road, you could "cheat" with trainer settings - but why would you? You could "cheat on the road now by using an Electric bike & log your ride as a standard road bike - but again why?

    So, to keep all factions happy Strava, why not explore the possibility of having "Trainer challenge badges"?

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  • Strava needs to count all activities. There are a dozen ways to cheat on outdoor activities just as easily as you can with indoor. Strava accepts these numbers in good faith only. 

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  • I use Strava to motivate me, so whether someone else chooses to cheat or not is irrelevant.  The argument that challenges done outside are somehow more valid doesn't work for me.  I am your customer you can choose to give me what I want or you can choose to ignore me, I think from reading the above I am not alone.  

    I understand that Strava would like an even playing field, but as that is clearly not achievable, why bother with the pretence.

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  • I’m gutted as I did my fastest 5k on the treadmill tonight and it hasn’t counted as a PR!! 😢😢 Also I do the 5k monthly challenge and it’s not recorded it for that either!! 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Please strava sort it out!! 🙄

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  • Came to echo the sentiment of virtual rides counting toward Strava Challenges.

    I let my Strava membership lapse in part because I was spending more time on my indoor trainer.

    I live in a flat, cold climate. Thanks to Zwift,
    Alpe DHuez is available whenever, allowing me to climb and ride to my limits.

    Why pay for a Strava membership when my activities aren’t considered equal to those who live in warmer climates? Why pay for activity analysis if I’m reminded my efforts are likely to be dishonest?

    The reality is that cheaters will find a way no matter what; the majority of us would rather earn our victories, and be an actual part of the Strava community.

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  • Adding my voice to this conversation. I split time between New York City and Portland, OR. When I'm in PDX I ALWAYS ride outside.  When in NYC I am limited in time due to my job and location during the winter months. I would like my efforts in the winter indoors to count towards my Challenges.  I did a 100k ride last week and NO Fondo badge?!  Sucks to be denied the badge due to my location.  C'mon Strava you're better than that!  Why pay the $$ for summit when only half of my rides will count?  Boooooooooooo

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