Please add a Search Segment feature

I know that there is already a feature called Segment Explore and another called Segment Search, but both are utterly useless. (Sorry, for being blunt)

Strava users are sometimes looking for motivation and one of it is finding good segments to chase. 

1. Some people like to chase sprint segments, others like longer segments. So you need to have either a distance or KOM time filter. E.g. 2-10 miles. I leave it up to your UX expert to come up ideas about sliders, options, min-max inputs, etc.
2. Some people are allergic to climbs others are looking for it. So you need to have a total accumulated elevation filter. E.g. 0-100ft
3. I assume that Strava isn't too eager to search for downhill segments due to legal liability.

There are many more filters thinkable, but I don't want to lose focus as your developers and product managers seem to be awfully busy already.



  • I totally agree. 

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  • I also agree, a lot of things could be much more refined, speccially given the raw data that the users provide willingly. On that point, most of us spend lots of time flagging activities and the flagging system could be easely refined.... But Strava does nothing =( and because of that a lot of users stopped their SUMMIT subscription

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  • I agree. I like long segments and find it hard to find good ones as all popular segments are shorter.

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