Difference between Track-Road cycling?

Hey there!

(Im recordning my rides with a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt)
I have experienced something strange:

When I record an activity on my roadbike "in the open" with GPS data available and speed/cadence sensors attatched, I get "normal" activity stats, that show the elapsed time without pausing time. It calculates the average speed accordingly to the actual movement time (Auto-On/Off is turned on on the Wahoo).The data on the Wahoo and after uploading to Strava is identical! This is OK for me because everyone here uses this system.

However when I record an activity on my trackbike at the local velodrome which blocks all 3G and GPS data and I solely rely on the speed/cadence sensors to track the activity, I don't get the "normal" activity stats. The data on the Wahoo is correct but after uploading to Strava it's not. It shows the elapsed time with pausing time. The average speed is calculated by the whole activity time and is therefore much lower!

And no I have not changed the settings on Strava in the meantime. When I record an activity on my roadbike aftera trackride it works normally again. This is unaceptable because I want to have a comparison between rides.

Any Ideas?




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