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Please please add beacon to the apple watch app. That is the reason I got the apple watch. Admittedly I should have done more research and found it wasn't supported on the watch, but I assumed such an integral mobile feature of the app would be on the watch as well. This is a big disappointment in an app I otherwise think is great. 



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    Athletes, thanks for your patience. We’re thrilled to have an update on this for you. Now, you can share your location with loved ones while you track your live stats, directly on Apple Watch with Beacon. And with cellular watch service, you can even leave your phone at home while you’re out riding or running and still use Beacon. We’re hoping that helps make the feature easier to use. Learn more about Beacon here:


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  • As a Strava premium subscriber I like two features best:   Beacon and heart rate /effort tracking.   Apparently you have to choose only one feature at a time. 

    I want to start a ride on my watch, send a beacon text and have my heart rate tracked during the ride.

    If this functionality isn't available by next time I renew I will downgrade my subscription and pay for only the safety feature (beacon) since I am unable to use both features at the same time anyway.

    I know I can track my ride on both the phone and the watch and then delete one after, but that is too much pissing around.   Plus it usually screws with my Personal achievements.   Like if the ride that was tracked on my phone has a personal best segment and I delete that ride, the one tracked on my watch does not automatically become the personal best segment, it would still list as 2nd place.

    This is a pretty lame limitation for such a great app (otherwise).

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  • As a fairly new Strava premium user, I concur with this.  I like to ride with my LTE enabled apple watch only.  Right now, I have to carry a phone with it, just to support the beacon ability so my spouse knows where I am. The apple watch (or even android wear devices) are a perfect match for beacon functions without the need for the phone.

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  • If you set up your phone/beacon another activity, like “canoe”, you won’t mess up the tracking of your bike achievements (and you will probably get a lot of canoing records). I discovered this accidentally.

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  • Guys I just stumbled upon this yesterday. I have updated both my Watch 3 and my strava app and there's no such thing as a Beacon button on the watch. I assume the announcement went out, but not the update? or have you pulled it back into development? Thanks

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  • I just wanted to chime in with a HUGE compliment to Strava customer support.  After moving to AW4, my beacon to my husband stopped sending from the AW.  It would send a beacon to anyone BUT the person I wanted to alert.  It took some time to troubleshoot, but Strava was tenacious and finally solved the problem.  I was also having trouble with HR, and this was fixed as well.  So good job, Strava.  Hoping everyone else has solved their beacon and HR issues.

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