Finished Recording, can no longer select bike etc. (Cannot Edit Before Post)

With the recent update I can no longer select which bike I used for an activity before upload.
Now there is a “are you finished pop up” followed by the upload which I then have to edit to change from the default bike to a different one.
I don’t like the pop up (it’s an extra step) and I especially don’t like not being able to select which bike was used.
Why make backwards UI decisions?
Why can’t the bike be selected at the start if we want?
Why can’t pop ups be an option I can turn off?
Seriously annoying.



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    Hey Folks,

    We're aware of this issue and are working on solving this as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience, as this should be fixed with the next update. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

  • Totally agree John - seriously annoying! This is like if Facebook asks you to post something generic and after its been posted and made public, you can go back and change it to what you really want to say :) 

  • Ditto John and Bruno. I opened a ticket last week with support called: What happened to the Save Activity screen? I agree with John's comment of "Why make backwards UI decisions?" This was a strange behavioral choice and counter intuitive

  • Yes this is really a backward step - instead of being able to label my run with location or other name it gets saved as a generic “morning run” and I have to open the entry and edit - this is really really annoying.

  • Also as I have mentioned elsewhere - you can't make something private now until you have saved it publicly - which defeats the ability to save it privately !!

    Please reverse this retrograde update.

  • The privacy thing is really a huge issue here. There is no longer any way to truly have a post be completely private. It’s first required to be public for as long as it takes you to go back in and edit, and in that period of time somebody could see what is supposed to be a private activity. Especially if you have a lot of followers, this is a serious issue.

  • @Peter - You can update your settings to default to "Private" or "Friends." Give this article a read:

  • That’s annoying if you want only some rides to be private.

    You now set them all to be private and need to to go edit the ones you want to be public which might be most of them. This means people will tend not to bother. Making things harder to do leads to people avoiding doing them. This will result in less photos posted, less comments added, less sharing, etc.

    Why on earth was this change made?

    Does anyone like it?

  • Ok, that’s good information. However, probably 95% of my activities are intended to be public, so I wouldn’t want every one initially posting as private, requiring me to change that later every time. The bottom line here is that previously we had convenient options here after creating an activity, and now it’s all inconvenient, with what benefit, exactly? Assuming the defaults are what we want every time, this saves literally 1 button press to get past the edit screen. Is this one button press such a large barrier that it had to go? I have trouble seeing a really good reason to justify the change.

  • Didn’t save me any button presses, if you count the pop-up then it’s the same number as before. So no Improvment, just the disadvantage of having to go and edit later if required.

    Having said that It seems they have changed it back to normal about 3 days ago (for iPhone at least.)
    Yay for common sense.

  • Please restore the ability to record which bike was used for an activity when it is being saved or edited. It’s very annoying to lose this feature.

  • I can’t change the bike I used for the ride in edit. Can has this feature been removed? Please restore as I’d like the keep track of my bikes km’s. Other than that, you’re awesome Strava. I love you sooo much. xx

  • Yes I need to be able to select which bike was used again. Why on earth was this feature disabled?!? I use Strava for road rides, mtb rides, as well as my trainer/Zwift on a dedicated bike. This is how I track my mileage on each. Now everything is going to my mtb...not helpful.

  • Like many I ride multiple bikes which share the same Garmin head unit.  I simply have every ride logged under the default bike as I can’t work out how to change - a feature that used to be there and I used every 2nd ride 

  • It's working again...The bike can be changed, post ride, via the app when I edit the activity.  Thanks Strava!


  • Guess what,

    It’s gone again with the latest update.

    How about leaving it alone Strava?

  • I can edit the bike used post ride, but I cannot change the default bike.  Is this still an issue that needs to be sorted in an update?  Thanks

  • Update - I can change my default bike on a PC, but not an iPad or iPhone.  

  • I agree with all above comments. Right now it saves my ride and defaults to my MTB. I then have to click edit (after posting ride) and update it to my road bike. We need to be able select bike either at start of recording or as part of the finish / upload process. Strava team what is the plan for this please??

  • Now its possible to change bike. But the total Km does not change.

    It logs the total km on the incorrect bike. regardless of which bike one changes to it logs the km on the default bike.


    Should be a button for recalculate or similar

  • There is a button to "refresh stats" that should correct the mileage. Look on the right side under your profile. You might need to do it on the web version though.

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