Random order of pictures

Steps of reproduction:

  1. Create new activity (upload from Garmin for example)
  2. Edit activity, add pictures from iPhone
  3. Save activity (you have now chronological order, that's ok)
  4. Edit activity again (you see picture in random order since now in edit view)
  5. Save activity again (you have random order of pictures, very annoying)

Please keep chronological order of pictures (creation date of image). Or even more please add feature to set custom order of pictures.



  • I would also like to have control over which images get used in my banner. It seems to post only the most recent images and those are getting stale. Some of my earlier images are much nicer to look at and more accurately reflect my usual riding.

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  • I also find the randomness of the photo sorting very irritating. It makes the visual story-telling of a cycling adventure almost impossible. Posts look rather insane. It would be great to have control over sorting or at the very chronological sorting by creation date.
    It seems just choosing a highlight photo changes the sort order. I can find no consistency in the sorting algorithm.

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