My moving time is way too slow compared to my elapsed time when I was orienteering.

Usually when I'm orienteering for 60 minutes elapsed time my moving time would be around 40 minutes but ever since I got my new Garmin clock these times have gotten really close to each other. For example, I was out orienteering today and ran for an elapsed time of 41 minutes, and my moving time was 37 minutes. My moving time minutes per km time was 7:19, and my elapsed minute per km time was 7:58. I thought that didn't make sense, so I checked the stats of some other guys in my team that ran a similar track as me, but their times seemed just like normal. If anyone has an idea of what the problem may be I'd be very thankful.



  • Hi

    I would like to suggest, that a user had an option on Strava UI of which time is used: an elapsed time or a moving time.

    I had a race which took 17 hours to finish, but on Strava I can see only 13 hours as the moving time. It would be very good feature, if I could have an option to select, that I want to use the Elapsed time for this particular activity. 

    My friends was participating a multisport type of 24 hours race, was racing 25 hours to complete it, but on Strava only 7 hours was shown. 

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  • It could be more based on the device settings for the device you are using.  Some have a setting for what the sampling frequency is.  If you have it set to take readings further apart, it won't know you stopped as quickly so it might assume you are still moving when you aren't.  Some also have settings for what speed you need to drop below for it to activate "auto pause".  Adjusting that could help correct the issue.

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