Strava app (iPhone) fails to record complete ride

This problem started for me about 2 weeks ago.  I saw a thread released by Strava tech support about this issue back in Jan 2018.  The thread closed a couple of months later with no apparent resolution.  I never had this issue before, but now it seems to happen on almost every ride!  WHAT is going on???  Anybody have a fix for this?  I have re-downloaded the app, and followed all suggestions that were in the last thread about this issue.



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  • Same here.  Randomly just cuts out in the middle of the ride. Once you unlock the phone, it either starts recording again or the app has crashed and reloads.  I have tried to find if it was other applications running and have run it with no other apps open or suspended in the background to avoid conflict.  I haven't found a consistent reason for it to hang or crash. Seems to happen randomly.  Sometimes it happens if I get a txt or call.  I have even get a strava kudos notification and the app hangs.  Other times, nothing comes in and the app still hangs or crashes.  It's frustrating to say the least and has resulted in my having to take a head unit with me mountain biking if I want to log a ride when I would rather not risk the expensive unit when I'm already taking my phone anyway.  Using the phone also simplifies the work when you use multiple services and not having to like each and every one and then remove duplicates in Strava if you sync your head unit's (Garmin) service as well.  This has been happening since mid 2018 as far as I can tell and has gotten worse the last 2 updates. Now it's happening nearly every ride. I'm really surprised when it actually records the full ride now. 

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