iPhone versus Apple Watch - different data?

I tend to normally run the same 10km runs, week in week out. I usually run with my Apple Watch. However recently I have been running with my iPhone and the exact same run comes up slightly longer (~0.4km) and decisively quicker pace.

Is one device more accurate than the other? Which should I use?



  • This happens to me too, I'd like to get some info about this. 

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  • Same, I would like to know which is considered more accurate...

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  • Similar issue for me except the distance when I run with just my Apple Watch is greater than when I take both watch and iPhone. I use the AW to record the run. 8.8 mile run shows as 8.5.
    (Auto pause turned off)

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  • I have the same problem. This morning I ran with my IPhone X and my wife ran with her new Apple Watch. Disappointing that you can’t count on the app to record properly. We were also cautious to start exactly at the same time and stop at same time.

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