Weather for outdoor activities

It would be useful if, for outdoor activities, weather conditions could be taken into account. In particular wind direction and speed relative to athlete’s direction of travel.



  • I just got this app yesterday, having been relying the native Workout app on my Apple Watch for several years. While I'm really impressed with the wealth of options & information available (overwhelmed, even!) I'm a little surprised that such a basic bit of info as the weather conditions during an outdoor workout isn't recorded. That's REALLY relevant...a 10 mile ride home from work when it's 70 degrees & mostly cloudy is not even REMOTELY the same thing as that same 10 mile ride when it's 99 degrees, 90% humidity, and blazing sun or when it's 35 degrees, spitting rain, and windy. 

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  • One big problem with this would be how it would get accurate weather data for your specific activity.  Wind especially is highly variable over small areas and over time.  Even things like rain are variable depending on the specific time/location.  I just did a race last night that every weather station in town reported steady rain, yet there was actually no rain at all where the event occurred.  If I had weather conditions imported from some weather station, it would have been totally wrong for my particular activity.  It would be a cool feature to have, but only if there was a way to get data that was accurate to the activity.  Otherwise, it is useless.

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