Weight training records feature

It would be useful for the weight training activity type to have an entry option for tracking the actual workout routine.


lift - weight - sets X reps per set.

Squat - 225lbs - 5 x 5

Pushups - bodyweight - 2 x 25


Analytics could be programmed in to approximate calories burned per type of motion, suffer score, tracking of performance on each type of exercise over time, PRs, etc.

Currently, I just write down my workout plan and take a photo of it to attach to the activity, and that's how I'm keeping track of weight training progress. 




  • Maybe you should search for other apps, support of weight training in strava is and will be not worth the mention.

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  • The question is how can i count the Strava's Summit feature Fitness & Freshness to be accurate when Strava is not able to track the HR and duration of that weight training session. The meaning of Fitness &Freshness feature was:
    "Any activities recorded with heart rate data are included in your Fitness and Freshness calculations."
    "Check out how one workout stacks up to the last or how strenuous it was compared to a *totally different sport*."

    So, i wear my HRM during weight training, but how can i trust the Fatique and recovery suggestions from Fitness and Freshness, when Strava doesn't log HR sessions of weight training.

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  • Exactly this is the problem it says my fitness is going down even tho I train in the gym 5days a week.

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  • Would also like to see these features so I can use one app to track all my activities. Please see Fitocracy as an example.

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  • I think it is a misconception that Heart rate data of Strength training and endurance training are comparable.

    I believe the science behind the fitness graph is aimed at measuring Aerobic fitness. This is a different skill than pure power or max strength.

    A weight lifting session with high reps and short rest will give you much higher avg Heart rate data than a low reps, long rest session, even though the muscular fatigue and impact on actual freshness will be higher on the latter. 

    Also, a one hour low aerobic bike ride will create a higher score than one hour heavy weightlifting, while you will be much more fatigued by the latter.

    In case you are performing a HIIT session Heart rate data will be more consistently raised and because the training actually contributes to aerobic fitness, you could consider adding this to your data. But just resistance training. No.

    In other words: Heart rate is not a good indicator of strength training intensity or needed recovery and these is no direct crossover to aerobic fitness of these sessions. 

    Isn't the reason to perform strength training injury prevention and form improvement?



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