Give us the ability to correct or disable certain analytics for buggy activities

I recently had to just delete an activity that had some lousy GPS data right in the middle of a long run. This was causing the activity to have my best estimated 400m/mile/etc., even though it was just a relatively relaxed workout. Strava's GPS correction algorithm made it much worse, changing the apparent average pace from too good to plainly impossible. As a result of having to just delete it I lost all of my heart rate data and other good location data from the workout.

Now, looking through my past efforts on my fitness/fatigue charts, I see my greatest effort ever was . . . a slow 5k jog. For some reason I get 1150 "relative effort" and this stands out as the largest training impulse of all time on my fitness/fatigue chart. This is plainly ridiculous. There appears to be nothing wrong with GPS, heart rate, or other data:

I flagged the workout but this appears to do nothing to alert Strava engineers to the problem. Why can't I file a bug report from the activity page? A good temporary solution would be to allow us to manually edit workouts to remove problematic segments (not just at the beginning or end), to enforce a manual path (like we can do on mapmyrun), or to strike malfunctioning analytics like this particular relative effort. This could easily be done in a way that prevents "cheating" by making the workouts look better, although since Strava still has no filters to prevent bike rides being posted as runs the comparative run segments are generally useless anyway.




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