All the Challenges not showing up on website

When I go to the Challenges pages for ongoing/active challenges, I do not see all the current challenges that I can participate into. When my friends join a particular challenge which was not visible in my Challenges page, that post comes into my strava feed. When I enter into that particular challenge detail, I see that only a few days are remaining before it ends; whereas if that specific challenge was visible in the Challenges page from the beginning, I could have participated and completed it. Why is this happening?



  • From what I understand, many challenges are sponsored by corporations or Strava clubs and targeted to people in a particular country or even a region -- meaningful to the sponsor.  British Cycling does this frequently, Strava displays the challenge only to people in the British Isles.  They are hidden from the rest of the world, but you won't be kicked out if you join.

    Now here is the answer for you: A website called lists all these hidden challenges, with a link to the challenge's page on Strava. 

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  • Thanks a lot James much appreciate that.

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