Suggest connections to follow by specific niche bike type from user profile.

I’d love to “follow” or be shown virtual club options with enthusiasts that have my same bike type. For me, that’s a Catrike Pocket, which is a trike recumbent with 20” wheels.
Specific? Yeah.
Would I find other people on Strava worldwide who have the same one? Yeah!
Could I find folks with my bike riding the same sections as me or nearby? That’s for Strava to know and me to find out.
The data is possible in Strava.
Registering bike brand and name is already available in your profile.
Give a text box for “road bike type” since things like single gear, unicycles, and recumbent trikes are not currently an option; you’ll get that micro data and able to consider adding formal road bike types down the road.

Offer a checkbox to allow people to follow you by bike type.
Enable an opt-in to connect.
Maybe add some filter by like geographic distance, gender, age range.

Some bike brands and models are super common, this is more to enable folks to compare/discuss their skills to others with the same vehicle



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  • i ride unicycles and find i look lousey compared to other people as i am going 10 mph. it would also help the unicycling community grow

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