Start phasing out old efforts from unreliable devices

While this isn't a problem for longer segments I think about half the shorter segments (less than 2 mins) are owned by old efforts on phone apps.

Looking at longer efforts there aren't many where the KOM hasn't changed in the last few years. However, where I live every other short segment is from 2013 or so and 9 out of 10 times this is on an iPhone/Android app. Plus they are by random people - not the usual suspects.

These are obviously not bonafide efforts. Maybe it's time to start looking at removing some efforts on older devices. I guess the problem is down to GPS accuracy / sampling rate, but it is IMO something that needs fixing.



  • While I am certain that you are correct about there being a good number of old efforts that may not be justified, there is no way to really know which ones are and which ones are not. If you just systematically remove all old efforts by certain devices, you will be taking away a number of those that actually are legitimate. And just because it is some "random" person you don't know doesn't mean it isn't legitimate. If it is clearly a bad file, you can flag the effort and tag it as bad GPS data. I sympathize with you regarding cleaning up the standings, but I don't think just removing efforts from older devices is the correct solution.

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  • Jason nailed it.

    But let me take this as an opportunity to go slightly off topic and politely rant about something the original poster mentioned. It saddens me that this is the second thread in a week (the other: "KOM expiring") that advocates Strava delete old data, seemingly without the user's permission. In the social media world -- rife with all its failings -- the long-standing business model dictates the user, or uploader owns the data, not the hosting service. Barring something like evidence of a felony, the platform may not just erase it to please the self-serving whims of a few.

    Most of us probably put these very short segments on our "ignore list" because of the inability of many of these devices to capture the true start-stop times and waypoints Strava needs to derive an elapsed time, and thus the leaderboard position. That's my advice to all who wonder how a tenth of a mile path in the woods has a 50 mph rider. Accept the failing of GPS but do not delete activities and thus reduce things like total lifetime miles and number of rides.

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  • I have recently lost my crown for a running segment.  The guy who took it from me was wearing 2 GPS devices.  His other activity clearly states he was out on a bike ride yet one of his devices flagged it as a run.

    I messaged him asking to remove the 2nd recording but he hasnt.

    We should be able to flag these incidents to strava support and remove these rouge entries.

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  • Mike - You can flag those files. If you view their activity on a normal web browser, click on the three little dots on the left under the other options and select "flag". You can then choose why you are flagging it. It's really easy to do.

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