Tag an activity as "Trail Work"

With the controversy started by a recent Outside article calling-out trail runners as "lazy trail parasites" for not doing enough trail work, I'm suggesting the creation of a "Trailwork" tag for Strava activities.  Currently you can tag a run or ride as "Long", "Commute" and "Race", let's ad "Trailwork"! 

I'm never sure what to categorize trail work as anyway.  Sometimes it's a hike, but other times you have to run (or ride) to where the activity is happening.  This would solve that dilemma.  Also, can you imagine the challenges Strava could create? Hours of trailwork from Mt. Bikers vs. Runners?  Nobody loses in that scenario!  

One additional advantage is that many races require trailwork hours for entry.  Strava would be a convenient place to track those hours.  It could be listed in your stats along with miles run/ridden, PRs, elevation, etc.  

Thank you for your consideration. 



  • I think this is a great idea.

  • Very clever. What a great way to increase the visibility of community service and get more runners, bikers, and hikers involved in contributing their labor to keep trails in top form.

  • Great idea. 

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