Current Trail Conditions, feature request

Adding a field for Trail Conditions would be huge for helping the community maximize fun and protect trails!

I'm thinking just a simple 3-choice selection for current trail status: [good, caution, bad] and then a comment box if you select caution or bad.  A concept below:



  • I think this could be a helpful tool. I often look at Strava to see where other people are riding when weather has been marginal or in the shoulder seasons when conditions are varied. I often comment on their rides asking them how the trails were. This would help speed things up.

  • Would also be awesome in the winter for snow prone areas to determine which running trails have been plowed.

  • I agree this would be a fantastic addition to Strava. Many of the Facebook groups or websites I use to determine trail conditions often go days or even weeks without updates. If all of us could let the Strava Community know the trail conditions after our ride as easily as we comment and save on our rides, updates would happen more frequently. Most important, we would do a better job of protecting our mountain bike trails from damage.

  • Yes, let's see this feature

  • Great idea, but I suspect that Strava will need to partner with Trailforks to source the data.  Its the largest current consolidated database of trails and trail status.  However, even on Trailforks, trail status is not updated often.  


    But.... what Strava could do is when the new Garmin head units (e.g. 530) which detects that you are riding a recognized trail from the Trailforks database, the screen could prompt and ask what the status is.  Give the user three options.  The head unit will save the condition and when the ride is over and uploaded to Garmin Connect, the trail status could be updated with Trailforks.  I'm sure this would crowd source more frequent updating of trail conditions.

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