MTB segments close to road

checkout this segment:

it's an MTB trail in Saint Edward State Park.  the trail is pretty close to the road.

close enough so that road cyclists are at the top of the leader board (going 60mph).

is there a good way to make this segment more accurate?  like, maybe i ride it really slow, so that gps gets more datapoints, then create a new segment?




  • You know, I looked at that and here's what I think the problem is: The segment's start and end points are too close to the road. Strava allows a certain margin of error for crossing those start/stop points. The sad thing is they've never published the distance for the permissible error they allow for, but I think it's something like 100 ft.

    My suggestion is to make up a new segment with the end point a few hundred feet or more into the woods. You can make it a private segment, then go out and test it by riding on the road. If your ride does NOT log that as a completed segment, then you can make your new segment public. If it IS logged as a segment after a road ride, then keep playing around with those start/stop points until you get them far away enough from the road such that roadies or car drives won't capture them.


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  • Yes the start/end points of segments can get your into trouble. 

    If it is your segment, you can also select Action... and edit the segment to trim the ends.

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