Missing segments on Strava with Apple Watch series 4

More often than not, one or more segments are missing from my Strava rides using Apple Watch series 4. Does anyone else have this issue? Any help appreciated! 🙂



  • Yes, I made multiple observations to this:

    1. Segments aren't matched to my activities - I learned that you need to run in the same direction as the segment is defined. Still, I have activities which are not matched to segments and support is neglecting to accept that as an issue but keep me busy with unproductive useless correspondence which now spans weeks already.

    2. Segments are matched to my activities and I received even notifications that I met a goals which I set on a segment but after a couple days both, the notification about reaching my goal as well as the matched segments "vanish" from my activity stream respective from the activity.

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  • Same issue here with the 5, i guess it's gps related issue :(

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  • I just had a similar issue yesterday. It was a big ride and I have a lot of segments missing from the start of it. A friend of mine who also has a Series 4 had a worse experience - nothing recorded and had to record from the phone.

    This is the first time that I lose segments from recording. However, I had a lot of cases where the watch has nothing left to sync and don't show up on the phone (hence, not uploaded). The workaround I found for that is to record & save a dummy session, sync it and suddenly the older "ghost" one appears". This is lame.

    In general it is very disappointing to see a flaky syncing process (which has changed some months ago) considering we're paying for the service now. What is Strava doing about this? Are these discussion threads completely pointless and just to give the impression to customers that they're being listened to?

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