Matched Runs - Strava do not always detect my course while they are the same.

I often do the same trick and I enjoy seeing my evolution but

sometimes it does not detect the same course and therefore creates different matched runs.

it's a little annoying.



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  • I observe the same on my end.

    I learned from support that you need to run in the same direction as the segment is defined. Otherwise your run is not matched.

    Still it seems that there are some issue in recognizing a match between a activity and a segment. I even had an occasion where an activity has been matched to a segment and after two days the match and the goals achieved related to that disappeared from my activity stream!

    Unfortunately the support is such slow and bad in quality (they do not truly respond to your issue or only half) that it is wasting a lot of time. For someone like me who pays for the service it is truly a bad experience.


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