Iphone 8 vs. Iphone XR - 8 is more accurate and detailed recording a ride

I have been using Strava for years beginning with my Iphone 4.  Went through 6, 7, 8 and now the XR.  Always riding the same routes, one being a single track dirt trail the other being paved.  Mountain Bike and Road Bike respectively.  The XR consistently records a much less detailed track than any of the other phones in the past.  On the dirt trail the difference is 4 miles on a 17 mile track and on the paved it is 1 mile different on a 21 mile track.  Consistently shows/records less.  The tracks are also much less detailed.  Any ideas.  All phones are up to date on IOS and Strava updates.  I am very particular about that.  See the below comparison pictures.  Any thoughts and help would be appreciated as I have to ride with two phones.









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