Fitness & Freshness 1 day behind

Recently my fitness and freshness has started recording events one day behind when they actually happened.

e.g. cycled on Monday, shows in the activity log as Monday, but fitness and freshness records it as being done on Sunday.

Not a huge issue, but if there are any ideas on how to fix it, I'd gratefully receive them.



  • You're not alone Mark Y.  Mine does the same thing.

    My guess is that it's something to do with the timezone. The chances of Strava ever bothering to fix it are slim as they don't really seem to do much aside from data gathering.

    Peace out.


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  • Ross - there is hope!

    By doing absolutely nothing at all, it's suddenly realigned - I can't explain it, or pinpoint when it happened - but it has.

    It was only a little niggle, but annoying never the less. 


    Fingers crossed yours gets back on track too.



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