How does Strava categorize Trailforks activity type "ATV/ORV/OHV"?

Until Trailforks and Strava create an activity type called "Shuttle" or "MTB Shuttle", I'm trying to log shuttle routes using Trailforks' "ATV/ORV/OHV" activity type. I don't want it being logged as a ride, but I do want a recording of the route that we drove to access the drop-off point. I don't see a corresponding activity type in Strava for motorized vehicles, for when my Trailforks ride data gets ported over to Strava. This needs fixing! I don't want a QOM or mileage credit that I didn't come by honestly.



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  • The specific example I have is this activity: Thanks to whoever flagged it, because I went back into Trailforks to relabel it as a motorized vehicle travel. I tried re-syncing the activity to Strava but it still shows as flagged. The "fix it" options in Strava aren't working. I clicked on "Change activity type" and that does nothing that I can see. What am I missing? Is that feature broken? This is taking way too long and now my breakfast is cold. Looking forward to seeing a resolution. I don't like false QOMs or unearned mileage and this needs to be easier to fix. TIA

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