Apple Watch OS6.0 syncing issues to Strava 120.0.0

Watch sync issues with Strava app 120.0.0


1-Force Sync 

2-Phone and watch soft reset 

3-App reinstall 

The only way to force a sync from watch is to start a new activity. Once a new activity is started the sync to iPhone app begins. 

Unfortunately lost all GPS data, only data to sync is the distance and time. 

Been a long time Premium / Summit member and this is the first time I have been loosing faith in the app. 




  • Starve need to update the iPhone app after the iOS was updated 

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  • Same issues. Absolutely sick of Strava's shoddy app. I have lost so much data I can no longer rely on it, not to mention the pathetic development cycle. Where on earth is heart rate zone training!

    Would never pay for Strava again nor recommend it,

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  • It appears that audio cues are not synced with apple watch 5 to apple airpods. Strava needs to upgrade apple watch and airpod support.

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  • I have had this same problem today!

    IPhone 8, Apple Watch 3 latest OS on both.

    Had difficulty getting the activities recorded on the watch to sync. Started a new outdoor run, discarded and it finally synced. But only had the distance and time started. 6.51miles in 21 seconds. I was on fire!

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