Elapsed Time to Hour/Mins

hi guys,

I download my activity data, but I don't know how I convert 'Elapsed Time' to Hours/Mins


Activity Date,Activity Name,Activity TypeElapsed Time,Distance,Relative Effort

"Oct 20, 2019, 8:20:06 AM",Morning Ride,Ride,6512,29.04,27,


Elapsed Time: 6512

How many time it is ?




  • I don't know what you are downloading the data to, but based on what I see, it looks like 6512 would be 65 minutes, 12 seconds. That is consistent with the next two values which would be your distance (29.04 miles) and average speed (27mph). What program are you downloading the data into? Is that were you want it to show hours/mins? If it is into excel, you can probably format the cell that it ends up in so it understands the incoming data is in the form of mmss and then have it convert that to a different format, but it would take a little work to set up.

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  • hy @Jeason,

    for download the data I request in:

    https://www.strava.com/athlete/delete_your_account [ #3 - Download Request (optional) ]

    about the question, I thin no ... because in my activities shows


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