Simulation race tool

Since 2008 I always had a scientific view of sport and I tried to apply what I learnt during my Mechanical Engineering studies to the bicycle.

My basic idea was to try to forecast the performance of a race (i.e. average power, time, calories, etc..) based on a certain training level. In the last two years I wrote a code in Matlab that forecasts the performance of a route based on a calibration of a physical parameters of the route, of the rider and the type of bicycle used (i.e. road bike, MTB). Nowadays I have got many data that validated my work and I would like to share it with STRAVA team and people to have the possibility to introduce a tool in STRAVA.

I validated this tool some friends having different level of training and the results present an error of 3-5% respect to what they really measured.

My idea is to prepare a detailed article to open discussions and make demonstrations on how it works.

Please let me know in which web site section I can write an article and share it with Strava team and comunity.






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